Elton Property Histories

Elton Property Histories

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Reference Published Property Status Historic Name Current Name & Link to History
E01P Rebuilt Baddiley’s Tenement Fields Farm, Clay Lane
E02P 20/10/2023 Original Ledward’s Tenement Flash Farm, Hall Lane
E03P 20/10/2023 Demolished Elton Hall, Clay Lane
E04P Rebuilt Furnival’s Tenement Brook Farm, Clay Lane
E05P 27/11/2023 Original Noden’s Tenement Railway Farm, Clay Lane
E06P Original Crabmill Tenement Crabmill Farm, Crabmill Lane
E07P n/a PART Bottoms Farm (See Warmingham)
E08P 20/10/2023 Rebuilt Elton Hall, Clay Lane (+60 acres in W’ham)
E10P 20/10/2023 Rebuilt Sunderland’s Tenement Elton Villa, Clay Lane
E13P n/a n/a n/a PART Watch Lane Farm (See Moston)
E18P 27/08/2023 Original Johnson’s Cottage Moss House, Plant Lane
E21P Original The Limekiln Tenement Rose Cottage, Red Lane
E23P 06/10/2023 Demolished Lightfoot’s Tenement Red Lane (Fishermen’s Car Park)
E24P 15/09/2023 Rebuilt Ivy House Farm, Plant Lane
E26P 20/02/2024 Original White Hart Tenement Smithy Farm, Clay Lane
E28P n/a Properties on Watch Lane
E29P Rebuilt Wharton’s Cottage The Croft, Plant Lane
E31P 19/01/2024 Original Leedham’s Bank Needham’s Bank Cottages
E34P n/a Canal Path
E38P n/a Field next to Golf Driving Range
E39P n/a Field, footpath Red Lane to Canal
E41P n/a Untended field Plant Lane next to The Manor
E44P Rebuilt The Manor, Plant Lane
E48P 06/10/2023 Demolished Bromfield’s Tenement Red Lane (Opposite Needhams Bank)
E49P Rebuilt Rose Cottage, Elton Moss Bridge, Plant Lane
E50P Rebuilt Applegate, Elton Moss Bridge, Plant Lane
E51P 20/02/2024 Original Elton Hall Cottage Pine Cottage, Clay Lane
E52P 15/09/2023 Original Mellor’s Cottage The Cottage, Plant Lane
E53P Demolished Hall Lane after Rookery Bridge
E54P n/a Part field off Red Lane
E58P 20/02/2024 Rebuilt Longfold, Clay Lane
E61P Demolished Red Lane
E62P Demolished Oakwood Lane, now part of Moat
E66P 20/02/2024 Rebuilt 4 Lane End Cottages, Hall Lane
E68P Demolished Rookery Bridge next to Canal
E69P 27/11/2023 Demolished Railway Cottage End of Footpath by Railway Flash
E72P 15/09/2023 Original Clowes Cottage Watch Lane Cottage, Watch Lane


In putting together the histories of these properties, I have consulted the following resources and many thanks must be given to Chester Archives who hold the records relating to the Crewe Estate and in particular the superb Online Tithe Map

Crewe Estate – Cheshire Archives

  • DCR 59/2 Rentals Series 2
  • DCR 59/5 Annual Rent and Accounts
  • DCR 42/10-11 Leases
  • D 7109-1 Duchy of Lancaster – Samuel Wyatt Survey 1766-67
  • Estate Sale 1915 & 1918 D7818/2 & DCR 59/8/1
  • Estate Surveys

FindmyPast.org & Ancestry.com  – Parish Records & Census Returns

Family Search.org – Cheshire Probate Records 1492-1940

Family Search.org – Cheshire Land Tax Assessments 1778-1832

Cheshire Archives P211 – Warmingham Parish Chest Records

British Newspaper Archive – Online Newspapers

Cheshire Archives – Tithe Map Online 1840s

Residents of Moston – Private Title Deeds

Cheshire Archives – Elton Rate Books ref LRC 18/11/1-6   1897-1933