The History of Moston

The History of Moston


Moston was a township in the ancient parish of Warmingham in the Northwich Hundred (a geographical division of Cheshire) which became a civil parish in 1866. The civil parish was abolished in 1936 to become part of Tetton with minor boundary alterations which saw the parish gain part of Kinderton but lose part of Middlewich. In 1970 Moston was recreated by uniting Elton with Tetton whilst incorporating Needham’s Bank and Stud Green. At that time, it became part of the Congleton Rural District which was latterly encompassed by Cheshire East from 2009 onwards.

The aim of these pages is to give us an understanding of the “lay of the land” so to speak in times gone by, looking at both the ownership of properties and land along with the tenants who lived there. There will be a specific focus on the Victorian period.

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Moston Township

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Elton Township

Tetton Township

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  • Occupation history Overview (To Follow)
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Warmingham Parish