Warmingham Parish Overview 1840

This map shows the historic townships which were contained within the parish of Warmingham. Moston today comprises the ancient township of Moston. The Lord of the Manor in 1840 was Laurence Armitstead of Cranage Hall who owned about half of the ancient Manor.

Laurence Armitstead sold the Moston estate to Jacob Bright esq in 1845 & his heirs eventually sold up in 1910

Moston also contains virtually all of the Tetton township and most of Elton (the Eastern portion was transferred to Elworth). The vast majority of Elton and Tetton was owned by Lord Hungerford Crewe of Crewe Hall who sold the estate during the 1st World War.

The tables below help to given an understanding of the demographics at the time.

Lord Crewe of Crewe Hall was the major land owner in the parish owning over three quarters of the total. Ownership in Moston was more diverse with Laurence Armitstead owning half the township along with many other smaller landowners.

Nearly 70% of the population of the parish were involved in agriculture at a time when British agriculture was at its height. If these figures were expanded further to include other family members, the percentages would no doubt be higher again.

Overall though, the Parish seemed to have a wide range of occupations and skill sets to the extent that it could be pretty much self sufficient for the vast majority of its needs. There was on average one public house for every 25 households.