Newsletter June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. This month is unusual in that there has been no Parish Council meeting. This is because the legislation on councils being able to run virtual meetings has run out and therefore councils must return to having physical meetings. As Covid restrictions still apply, we have been unable to find a suitable safe venue for our meeting. We therefore decided in the circumstances, to cancel the meeting. Non urgent matters will be carried over into July’s meeting.

June has seen an increase in fly tipping and Anti Social Behaviour in the form of vandalism and the fouling of one of the bridle paths. The matters have been passed on to the relevant agencies, including Cheshire police, the environment agency and departments within Cheshire East Council.

A number of planning applications and one planning appeal have been submitted and will be discussed at the July meeting.

At this time the venue for the July meeting of the Parish Council has yet to be determined and as soon as the location is finalised the time and place will be published on this website.

We are still awaiting Cheshire East’s Planning Department, signing off the relevant documents to allow the developers of Albion Lock Estate to commence work on the installation of street lighting and the improvement to the footpath along Booth Lane. It would seem the wheels at Cheshire East, “grind exceeding slow”.

As always, we hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is:

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Date of announcement__________13 June 2021______________(a)

2. Each year the smaller authority prepares an Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).  The AGAR has been published with this notice. It will not be reviewed by the appointed auditor, since the smaller authority has certified itself as exempt from the appointed auditor’s review.

Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the AGAR, the accounting records for the financial year to which it relates and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers, receipts and other documents relating to those records must be made available for inspection by any person interested. For the year ended 31 March 2021, these documents will be available on reasonable notice by application to:

(b)   Kristine Pemberton, Clerk

       Moss House, Plant Lane, Moston

commencing on (c) __Monday 14 June 2021 _______________________

and ending on (d) ___Friday 23 July 2021 ________________________

3. Local government electors and their representatives also have:

  • The opportunity to question the appointed auditor about the accounting records; and
  • The right to make an objection which concerns a matter in respect of which the appointed auditor could either make a public interest report or apply to the court for a declaration that an item of account is unlawful. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the smaller authority.

The appointed auditor can be contacted at the address in paragraph 4 below for this purpose between the above dates only.

4. The smaller authority’s AGAR is only subject to review by the appointed auditor if questions or objections raised under the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 lead to the involvement of the auditor.  The appointed auditor is:

PKF Littlejohn LLP (Ref: SBA Team)

15 Westferry Circus

Canary Wharf

London E14 4HD


5. This announcement is made by (e) _Kristine Pemberton, Clerk__

Newsletter May 2021

Welcome to the May edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. This month was the AGM of the parish. The Chair and Vice Chair of the council were elected at the meeting. Councillor Andy Roscoe was elected to the Chair and Councillor Dave Nixon elected as Vice Chair.

It was decided at the meeting that this years project to improve the look of the parish,  would be to  continue to offer free plants to residents. In 2020 we offered free trees to residents. This year it was decided that the offer would be hedgerow plants. Further details of the scheme will be published later in the year.

In April, Moston Parish Council, at Cheshire East’s  Strategic Planning Committee, spoke against Taylor Wimpey’s application to a change of conditions, relating to their site at Glebe Farm, Warmingham Lane. If the application had been granted it would have meant a large increase in the number of HGVs using our lanes. I am pleased to say that the application was refused and, barring an appeal, Taylor Wimpey must now bring all construction vehicles into the site via Booth Lane.

Cheshire East have published a consultation paper about possible boundary changes to parish and towns, within the county. The main change to Moston would be that the Albion Lock development would be incorporated into Sandbach and the developments at the Middlewich end of Warmingham Lane would be ceded to Middlewich, allowing Moston to revert to a mainly rural parish. If these changes occur they will take place before the next council elections.

May’s Parish Council meeting was the last to be held via zoom, as the government have decided that physical meeting must resume after the 7th  May. Therefore, because Warmingham Village Hall, our usual meeting venue, will not be open before our June meeting, our next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 14th July at 7:30pm and that all subsequent meetings will be held on the 2nd  Wednesday of each month in the main hall. A full list of dates are available on the website .

Once again, this month, you have the chance to visit one of our local gardens under the National Open Garden Scheme. See the link below. The money raised from the scheme benefits a number of charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support and Parkinson’s Uk.

Finally, We hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is:

Newsletter April 2021

Welcome to the April edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. Last month saw the departure of our ex-Chair and long-standing councillor, Alan Holder. Alan after twenty years has moved away from Moston. He and his wife Anne will be sorely missed, and we wish them all the best in their new home. Due to Alan’s resignation we now have a vacancy for two councillors, one being a long standing vacancy. If anybody would like to join the council, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk, via the email at the end of this Newsletter.

The street lighting issue mentioned last month still has to be concluded but we remain hopeful of an early resolution of the matter. The residents of Albion Lock, especially those on Morgan Rd, asked if we could help with a problem of vehicles not realising that Morgan Rd was a cul-de-sac. After lengthy negotiations with the builders, Taylor Wimpey, they have now installed a No Through Road, sign.

There are a number of items to report from the April Parish Council Meeting. The main one being the Government’s decision to return to face-to-face council meetings from the 7th May. We, the Parish Council, felt that this decision is premature, considering indoor venues will not be allowed to open before 17th May, at the earliest. Our next meeting in May is before the new ruling so we have decided to hold a zoom meeting, as normal, and to cancel the June meeting. Therefore, our first physical Parish meeting will be held in July. The venue will be Warmingham Village Hall, but the date has yet to be decided.

The planning application for 10 Gypsy / Traveller transit pitches at Cledford Hall Farm, Middlewich, was also discussed. We understand the need for transit pitches in Cheshire East but feel that the proposed site is in the wrong location and that, in granting permission, it would also alienate the settled Gypsy/ Traveller population, who also object to the site. Therefore, we will be lodging an objection to the application, with Cheshire East.

Also, this month you have the chance to visit one of our local gardens under the National Open Garden Scheme. See the link below. The money raised from the scheme benefits a number of charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support and Parkinson’s Uk.

Finally, We hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is:

Newsletter March 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. The intention is to publish a monthly newsletter, after every Parish Council meeting, setting out what happened in the meeting and to give any news, not covered or minuted in that meeting. We also intend to give  any news of events / projects etc in the Parish.

Moston is a rural / semi rural parish and although our population is growing, it is still  scattered over a wide and diverse area. The Parish Council has fought long and hard to maintain the rural aspect of the parish and therefore all decisions made, by the council, are taken with this in mind. In 2018 we successfully completed our first Neighbourhood Plan, details of which can be found on the website, This plan sets out the Parishioners views on how we want our Parish to develop, over the next few years. This is not a static plan and we intend to revisit and revise it in the next couple of years, in the light of changing legislation, especially on climate and the environment. Over the last couple of years, in an attempt to improve the environment and the appearance of the Parish, we have planted thousands of daffodil bulbs and have given away free trees to parishioners.

 Over the last year we have facilitated a deal between the developers of the Albion Lock Estate and Cheshire East. This is to improve the footpath between the estate and Mill Lane and also to reinstall the street lighting that Cheshire East removed. At the moment the developers are awaiting the release of funds held by Cheshire East but hope to complete the works by September.

At the Parish Council, this month, members sent a planning objection to Cheshire East, about the proposed development at Glebe Farm, Warmingham Lane. The council objected to the proposal to use Warmingham Lane as a route for construction traffic. Our objection centred around the fact that our rural lanes cannot take the extra HGV traffic that will be generated during the construction period and we feel that Booth Lane, which was the original site entrance, is far better suited as the main route for this traffic. The development already has outline planning but the original plan was to use Booth Lane for construction traffic. The concern, now, is that the builders, Taylor Wimpey, want to change that, hence the objection.

Members also received a report on the ongoing work to improve and clean the street furniture in the parish, this includes cleaning the boundary signs and refurbishing the signs giving the names of the lanes. A report was also given about future maintenance and improvements to the phone box on Moston Green once the present situation returns to normal.

Finally, We hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is:


Your trees should be delivered today. Many thanks to Dave, Jenny and Chistine for helping with deliveries.

As the trees are bare rooted please get the trees planted as soon as you can. If you can’t put them in their permanent position then you can just pop them in any soil or a pot short term

The Trees are ready!

The trees are ready for moving. We will be collecting them at the end of the week and given we are still in lockdown are going to deliver them rather than having a central collection point. They should be delivered Friday or Saturday and need to be planted as soon as possible. Short term they could just be put in any spare bit of earth or a pot.

We have volunteers for most deliveries but could do with some help on Albion Lock. Cllr Nixon is confident of finding the properties on Morgan Road – could anyone help to do deliveries of the trees to another 6 properties on Albion Lock? I also do not have an address for an order from Mohamed – please get in touch ( or 07854594726)


Due to Autumn coming later than usual this year the trees have been delayed for 3-4 weeks. Once we have a date for the arrival of the trees and we know the current guidelines then we will update you on the process for collection. If guidelines do not allow us to have a collection point then we will look at delivery.

We have also been made aware that some emails have not been getting through to I will confirm to everyone that I have received their request in the next couple of days. So, if you do not hear from me then please try to contact me again. We will be able to include extra orders.