September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. September has seen once again an increase in fly tipping in the Parish. We would ask parishioners to be vigilant when walking the lanes and report any fly tipping to CEC via their website.

There has also been a number of powers cuts this month, and this seems to have coincided with SPNetworks upgrading their network. The reasons for the outages are various but the most unusual, was a squirrel, who decided to investigate the high voltage part of the network. Needless to say, it did not end well for the squirrel. SPNetworks are now actively monitoring the local electricity supply and, hopefully, they will be able to spot any abnormalities and deal with them before the cause further outages.

The Parish Council at the September meeting resolved to investigate the possibility of providing hedging plants to parishioners, on the same basis as the tree scheme last year.

On planning matters, the Council objected to a proposal to build an agricultural building on the MotoX track, on Warmingham Lane.

The next Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th October at 7:30pm, at Warmingham Village Hall, and all parishioners are invited to attend.

As always, we hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is: