May meetings cancelled

May meetings cancelled

May Council Meetings for Moston Parish Council are cancelled.  The council hope that you are all keeping well.  Please do get in touch if there is anything that we can do to help.

Official statuary requirements have been relaxed to allow flexibility for Councils at the moment.  The AGM can be delayed as have the financial reporting requirements.  We will re-commence meetings as soon as we can.

Council work continues and here is an update on planning issues:

Since the last  Moston Parish Council Planning Meeting on March 3rd 2020 members have kept up to date with parish planning applications and decisions.

On 23rd March 2020  Application 20/1283C was submitted for 1 residential gypsy pitch, on plot 3 Meadow View Park, Dragons Lane. Moston Parish Council had previously agreed to object to residential planning applications in this vicinity and Civitas submitted an objection on behalf of the council.

On 2nd April 2020 The Planning Inspectorate allowed the appeal against refusal by Cheshire East Council of Planning Application 18/2413C for 1 residential Gypsy/Traveller pitch on Land Adjoining Meadowview Park, Dragons Lane.  This brought the number of residential units in The Health and Safety Executive inner consultation zone to 2, the maximum permitted.

On 6th April 2020 Planning Application 20/0183C for the removal of existing concrete and asbestos garage and replace with new conservatory at Oakwood Farm, Oakwood Lane was refused by Cheshire East Planning as being a disproportionate addition to the original dwelling. The parish council had no objection to the proposal.

27th May 2020 is now being shown as the date for the following applications to be decided by The Southern Planning Committee.

19/3706C  Residential caravan site for 1 gypsy family on Land South of Dragons Lane, 

19/5213C  Residential Caravan Site for 7 Gypsy Families with 16 caravans, including no more than 7 Static Caravans/mobile homes, laying of hardstanding, erection of communal amenity building, erection of 5 Utility buildings and stable at Thimsworra Farm, Dragons Lane

20/0161C  Residential Caravan Site for 1 Gypsy family at Land East of Meadow View, Dragons Lane

20/0097C   Residential Caravan Site for 1 Gypsy/Traveller family on land adjoining Meadowview Park, Dragons Lane..

The following applications remain undetermined by delegated authority.

19/4679C  New Access at Meadow View, Dragons Lane.

19/5681C  Single storey rear extension with part balcony at 1 Sparrow Grove Barns, Dragons Lane.

20/0821C  New Agricultural Dwelling and barn at Ivy Fields Farm, Plant Lane.

Cheshire East Planning Enforcement informed the parish council that 2 Breach of Condition Notices were issued to the owner of Horseshoe Farm, Warmingham Lane, on 5th March 2020. 1 relating to Application 17/2398N due for compliance in April, the other relating to Application 19/2223C due for compliance in June 2020

Due to Coronavirus Planning Enforcement officers are now working from home.