VE75 Day in Moston

VE75 Day in Moston

You may or may not know but we have a Swing Band based in Moston, The Debonaires, and last year the band made a recording of The Lambeth Walk and a number of Moston residents helped with the ‘oy

The Lambeth Walk was played extensively on VE day and Alan and Anne Holder have supplied the attached link of the recording which can be played and sung along to on Friday (also at any other time).

Many of us have decorated  the fronts of out houses with flags and bunting, it would be great if we are able to sit in our front gardens and chat as safe as possible with neighbours to celebrate this day.

So here is the timetable for our virtual Moston VE75 Day party.

At 3.0pm Alan will play on the band P.A. system the air raid siren as the last ”All Clear” and we can all do the nation’s toast to the heroes of World War 2.

” To those who gave so much, we thank you ”

At 3.05 we can play and singalong to the Debonaires recording of The Lambeth Walk.

After this Alan will play VE day music on the band PA system, it will depend on the wind direction who and how many of us hear it, hopefully many of us.

Lets make the best of this celebration in spite of Covid-19.