November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. This month the major issue is the use of Tetton Lane, as a rat run, whilst Warmingham Lane, on the border of Moston and Middlewich, is closed. Although Tetton Lane is not part of the designated diversion route, vehicles, including HGV’s and double decker buses, have been using this single-track lane. Inevitably, there have been a number of accidents. The Parish Council, in conjunction with Cheshire East Highways, have tried to discourage the use of the lane with additional signs, after some of the original signs had been stolen, but it seems to no avail. A resident who lives on the lane has written a letter to Cheshire East, along with a petition, asking Highways to reduce the speed limit, on the lane, to 30mph. It was decided at the November Parish Council meeting to endorse the letter and petition by sending an accompanying letter, from the Parish to Cheshire East. The Parish Council has also purchased and erected a number of signs warning motorists that children and animals use the lane.

The condition of the road surface on Clay Lane was also discussed and it was decided to ask CEC Highways, what they intended to do about the problem and ask them for a detailed plan of any remedial works and the timescale for them. Work is continuing to try to alleviate the flooding in Oakwood Lane but until the tree which was cut down is removed from the ditch, this is proving very difficult.

There were two new planning applications discussed this month.

The first, an application from the developers, 21/5274c & 21/5275c, to convert the GradeII listed building on the site at Albion Lock back to a residential dwelling with further dwellings within what was the courtyard. The Parish Council voted to support the application but added a rider that the number of dwellings (12) associated with the application was a little excessive.

The second, at Horseshoe Farm, 21/5187c, for a change of use from agricultural land to a caravan site for one Gypsy/Traveller family. The council objected to the application, for a number of reasons and have asked Civitas to send in an objection on the Parish’s behalf. The full reason for the Parish’s objection can be seen on Cheshire East’s planning portal.

In other news, The Parish Council have offered free hedging plants to local residents and at the time of writing there has, as last year, with the free trees, an enthusiastic uptake.

The Council continues to negotiate with various bodies to try and increase the broadband speed in the Parish and although it is a long and convoluted process, the signs do look encouraging.

As always, we hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is: