July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of the Moston Parish Council Newsletter. This month saw the Government required reinstatement of face to face Council meetings. The July meeting took place in Warmingham Village Hall but instead of using the small committee room as we have done in the past, we are now using the  main hall. Because of this our meeting day has had to change and we will now meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

This month’s meeting saw the co-option of a new Councillor, Katherine Haigh, who will be a welcome addition to the team.

There were also three planning applications  and one planning appeal to consider. These were:

21/3047C  Greywood , Oakwood Lane

Application to replace a garage.

The council fully supported the application.

21/2867C Cartref Warmingham Lane

Application to demolish  a  garage and erection of ground floor front, side and rear extensions to the  dwelling.

The council had no objection to the application.

21/2664C Within Street Farm, Tetton Lane.

Application to convert a redundant agricultural building to a dwelling with associated parking and vehicle turning and drainage arrangements.

The council opposed the application for the reasons given below.

  1.  The building is not redundant in terms of agricultural usage. It was never used for such purposes and the portal framed tin shed will require extensive alteration. Contrary to PG6 Cheshire East Local Plan.
  •  Described in the planning statement as change of use as a Farm Building to a Farm Dwelling. It has not been established the portal frame building was ever a farm building. Previously understood to store building supplies, a boat, cars and on the perimeter hardstanding as a base for mini buses. The address is not a Farm in the true meaning, ( it was described as a Manor House when on the market in 2012), furthermore an application for a Farm workers dwelling was refused in 1991 when the address was an actual farm.
  •  Contrary to Cheshire East Local Plan, Policy GR6, which addresses the issues of Amenity and Health. The nearest residence to Within Street Farm has a legal access to its garage and gardens using the driveway which would be utilised by residents from the proposed development and would double the amount of traffic passing within a few metres of that property if the plans were to be approved, thus having a detrimental affect on the amenity of that property.
  •  Contrary to Moston Neighbourhood Plan LCD1 Loss of amenity and conversions. The policy seeks use of the same materials as the accompanying Farm House. In this instance we do not have a Farm House but a Manor House and the application is very different to previous local Barn conversions at Moston Manor, Sparrow Grove, Greenbank Farm, Ivy Cottage Farm and recently Hill Farm which were substantial brick build buildings of some considerable age, not a 14 year old tin shed.
  • Concerns over contamination, particularly the garden area of the proposed development due to the area having previously been used for Turkey rearing.

Finally the council sent in its comments to the Planning Inspector opposing planning appeal 19/4679C at Meadow view. The council objected to the original application which was later refused by Cheshire East Council and has now gone to appeal.

As always, we hope you find this newsletter useful. If you have any comments about the newsletter or any other parish related matters, you can contact us by email. The address is: clerk@mostonparishcouncil.org